Emmanuel Flossie

Emmanuel Flossie

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First Name * Emmanuel
Last Name * Flossie
Username * AikoWorld
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality Belgian
Languages DutchEnglish


Current Position Animator;Artist;Modeller;Rigger
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingAutomotiveGames ComputerGraphic DesignMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre Production
Preferred Tools AnimationModelingTexturingDesignMayamental rayPhotoshopZBrushCombustion


Availability: Freelance
Website www.aikoworld.com


In 2006 i graduated from a course at Escape Studios where I developed my skills in modelling and animating using the Maya computer program. I chose this course to further enhance my self-taught skills that I have developed over the past five years whilst I worked as a 3D artist. I have learnt a huge amount of skills in this period, which has solely been driven by my love for CG.

Initially I worked with designing web sites using flash, this advanced into becoming an expert in Photoshop. It culminated me in receiving many contracts for work from local businesses and clients in the USA. This involved a great array of computing skills but mainly post-production animation using a program called Swift3D and Photoshop. Meanwhile I used these same programs to create a series of animated 3D cartoons and from the success of these ventures, I was headhunted by Electric Rain (the creator of Swift3D) as a beta tester. This involved creating 3D objects and animations to improve their application. I won much praise for my work due to its complexity, but I found myself hindered by the constraints of the program. This led me to search for more advanced software and resulted in me becoming competent in modelling using Maya. I became excited by the broad capabilities that were offered by Maya and wanted to further my expertise by attending Escape Studios.

At Escape I thrived in the challenging environment and was able to learn sophisticated methods on how to enhance my abilities to animate and model. I learnt to be more productive and was able to meet deadlines with high quality and artistic material. I was often complemented on my natural talent and quick learning on my initial creations by the studio assistants. This resulted in me being able to provide a much wider selection of work than any of my class mates which consistently met the high standards I impose on myself.
After months of hard work I’m glad to say that I have been added to the Escape Studios “escapee” gallery.

Since my graduation from Escape Studios I have emigrated to England from Belgium in order to find work with world leading companies. I am a highly motivated individual with an ambitious drive which I will use to get me to the top of this profession. I am confident of success in this industry due to my deep held love for CG and my eagerness to always learn and improve my skills.

September 2007 i started as a full time freelancer, worked in industries such as TV, Gaming, Cinematic, Online Tutorials, Educational DVD`s and more...

April 2008 Creative Lead at Inverse Forge Studios working on TV shows and Films.


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